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General: Entheogens 101: Paul Stamets
Posted by psynaut on Thursday, November 17 @ 11:55:26 EST (1832 reads)

General Reverend Damuzi meets Psilocybin expert and author Paul Stamets at Entheobotany 2 in BC. Paul has been a pioneer in the cultivation of psilocybe mushrooms for decades, his books are a must-read for any serious mushroom cultivator. Mushroom Speak:

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General: Lecturer Praises Mushroom Meds
Posted by psynaut on Thursday, November 17 @ 11:40:47 EST (1842 reads)

General by Samira Chandwani Sun Staff Writer

The next time you peruse the produce aisles in your local supermarket, you may want to take another look at those brown, woodsy portabellas or those small, white button-like mushrooms. If mycologists, perhaps more aptly termed ?mushroom aficionados,? are right, these oft-forgotten, lowly fungi may actually be on the cutting edge of cancer treatment, retroviral therapies and combating biological warfare. Scientists like Paul Stamets have spent years researching the medical and environmental benefits and features of mycelia; the medical community and even the U.S. government have just started to realize that mushrooms are a treasure trove. Stamets, designated this year to be a Cornell lecturer, gave a talk yesterday afternoon on the role of the mushroom in the greater scheme of the biosphere.

Prof. Kathy Hodge, plant pathology, who specializes in mycology, described Stamets as ?a champion of mushrooms, a guru, even ? known for his innovative edge.?

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General: The truth about mushrooms in your lawn
Posted by psynaut on Thursday, November 17 @ 11:32:18 EST (2730 reads)

General Fall rains and cooler temperatures often bring mushrooms to lawns and gardens, but you don?t need to be alarmed. Mushrooms are actually the reproductive structures of fungi. If your property has mushrooms, it may indicate that your soil is healthy and a good place for trees and other plants to grow.

Fungi and bacteria play an integral role on earth. They break down complex organic compounds including proteins, carbohydrates and fats into their most basic elements. These basic compounds of life can be used by other generations of organisms. Plants rely on soil fungi and bacteria to digest these nutrients for them. In return, they feed the soil organisms with the sugars they make via photosynthesis.

Underground, below the mushrooms popping up on your lawn, are thread-like networks called hyphae. Some of these hyphae attach to plant roots, creating thread-like extensions that reach far into the soil, increasing the surface area of the plant roots up to 1,000 times. The fungal hyphae and the plant roots working together are called mycorrhizae. These intricate webs of hyphal filaments capture water and minerals and deliver them to plant roots via the mycorrhizae.

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General: I just fishined doing a large update to the Gallery, check out some of the new m
Posted by psynaut on Wednesday, September 07 @ 11:20:31 EDT (1864 reads)

General -Agaricus campestris - Meadow Mushroom
-Cantharellus cibarius
-Clustered Coral - Ramaria botrytis
-Coprinus micaceus
-Gemmed Amanita - Amanita gemmata
-Gomphus floccosus
-Gymnopilus ventricosus
-SVIMS Mushroom show 2004
-Mountain Moss Psilocybe - Psilocybe montana
-Pseudohydnum gelatinosum
-Psilocybe cyanescens
-Splash Cups - Cyathus striatus
-White Matsutake - Armillaria ponderosa (Pine Mushroom)

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General: Experiment Station Researchers to Explore Genome of Disease-Fighting Fungus
Posted by psynaut on Wednesday, May 25 @ 10:15:17 EDT (1990 reads)

General A team of Texas Agricultural Experiment Station scientists will soon begin genome sequencing a disease-fighting fungus used to protect crops, which has implications for both agriculture and the pharmaceutical industry.

The fungus, Trichoderma virens, is used to protect field crops from various plant diseases. Researchers say the genome sequencing work may uncover chemical compounds and beneficial genes useful in producing new human and animal antibiotics..........

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General: That fungus among us is good for more than just eating
Posted by Psynaut on Friday, October 08 @ 03:18:32 EDT (1510 reads)

General A visionary biologist says mushrooms are potent antiviral and antibacterial agents, as well as key boosters to the human immune system. They also might end up saving the earth. To lots of folks, a middle-aged man who says mushrooms can save the world falls into the category of turbo-freak. But to some environmentalists, scientists and major investors, Paul Stamets is the trippiest of profitable kings.

"Mushrooms restore health both on the personal and ecological level," says Stamets, a mycologist and owner of Fungi Perfecti, a family-owned mushroom business in Shelton, Wash. "Mushrooms can heal people and the planet."

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General: Mushrooms in the medicine cabinet?
Posted by Psynaut on Friday, October 08 @ 03:11:39 EDT (1402 reads)

General ST. PAUL, Minn. - Can the tasty mushroom help fight cancer?

That's a deliciously appealing question a team of University of Minnesota researchers hope to answer within five years.

"It's impossible to predict the outcome, but we may find novel compounds that haven't been considered by pharmaceutical companies for their anti-cancer attributes," said Bryn Dentinger, a graduate student in the university's department of plant biology and a member of the research team.

While mushrooms have pretty much remained a delicacy in the United States, they have a long medical history in other parts of the world.

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General: Monster fungus mushrooms in Switzerland
Posted by Psynaut on Friday, October 08 @ 03:05:29 EDT (1550 reads)

General Zurich - Europe's biggest mushroom growth, spanning an area 800 by 500 metres, has been discovered in a Swiss national park, scientists said on Friday.

The 1 000-year-old fungus, covering an area equivalent to around 100 soccer fields, was found near the Ofenpass in the mountainous south-eastern state of Grisons and judged to be a single growth after a detailed survey.

"The majority of the fungus is an underground network that looks a bit like shoelaces. The surface mushrooms look like the normal type you would pick, and are brown to yellow," said Muriel Bendel, a spokesperson for the Swiss research association for forestry, snow and countryside (WSL).

The fungus, "Armillaria ostoyae" or honey mushroom, is edible, the WSL said, adding it had been known since Roman times for its cleansing effects on the digestive tract - as long as it was eaten raw. But certain forms can kill trees.

The WSL said Switzerland's monster mushroom was trumped only by a growth in the United States, which covers a surface area of nine square kilometres weighs an estimated 600 tons.

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General: UK government puts the lid on magic mushrooms
Posted by Psynaut on Thursday, August 05 @ 08:13:26 EDT (1564 reads)

General Timothy Leary, the intellectual cheerleader of chemical transcendence, said that when he ate magic mushrooms in Mexico in 1960 he learned more in four hours than in all his years as a psychologist.

Forty-four years later, seekers of knowledge need only take a stroll along one of London's famous high streets and visit one of the many "shroom shops" to test his theory. Furthermore, they can do it without breaking the law.

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General: Who's the boss?
Posted by Psynaut on Tuesday, April 13 @ 07:13:33 EDT (967 reads)

General Animals are something invented by plants to move seeds around. An extremely yang solution to a peculiar problem which they faced.

- Terence McKenna

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