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Mushroom kits

How to Cook Wild Mushrooms

How to cook wild mushroomsCooking with wild mushrooms is similar to cooking with button mushrooms.  You want to remember to always use high heat, and to sear them until they are golden brown.

Step One- Clean and Slice

Using a vegetable scrubber, dry paper towel or any type of cleaning tool, brush off the outside of the mushroom, making sure to remove all signs of dirt and debris.  Briefly run under water to help this process.  Slice mushrooms however you would like to.  Small mushrooms are best left whole.

Step Two- Saute or Roast

To saute the mushrooms, use a frying pan over high heat with butter or olive oil.  Garlic always adds a lovely flavour to this as well.  As the mushrooms cook, you will notice a liquid developing, continue to saute until this liquid is gone, and/or until the mushrooms are golden brown. At this point, you can add herbs and onions to compliment the mushrooms.

To roast the mushrooms, toss the sliced or whole mushrooms in olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic.  Bake in a 400 F oven for around 30 minutes or until golden brown.

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